Dragging masks off screen

where might i have gone wrong or what might i have done different to avoid leaving the draggable part of my mask on the screen when i move my mouse away such as in the footer below, im sure i locked to center. is there a command that sets the draggable parimeters of the movie that causes it to be bound to the movie area?

hmmm I’m not sure… I think that the bounding box max size is the size of the movie itself… which is why you see that.

Is there a way of making that mask a movie clip? (or is it already?)… if so, you should be able to make it disapear when the mouse is not over it.

yes, they’re optional parameters in the startDrag() command.


true/false is whether the movie is locked center or not.

look in the help files for more info. they’re pretty good, i find the actionscript dictionary especially helpful.

But can you set the bounding box to be larger than the actual movie dimensions.?

oh, i see.

um, i’ll bet you wouldn’t get an error, but once the mouse is outside of the movie bounds, flash considers the mouse position to be stationary at the last point it was over, so you would still have the mask sitting as before.

perhaps leaving a strip around the border of the movie which on a rollover would produce the desired effect? or vice versa on a rollout?

yeah, just like supra put it, flash only controls mouse actions within its own movie borders, so when the mouse moves out of the movie, flash doesn’t do anything about it. one question though, why would you want to do that?
i’m guessing you want to make a custom cursor for an entire webpage, but can’t make the movie as big as the screen.

the only reason i wanted to do that is because i didnt want whatever is draggable to be visable untill you move over it ( as in the scope on this footer) its not a big deal at all though just didnt like it visable