Dragging problem!

Hi helpful people,

I’ll try to be brief…

I’ve created a Movie in my timeline and done my AS2 so that you can drag the entire page around the screen. There’s a square border in the middle of the screen and the idea is that when a certain part of the page is dragged to within this border, a simple movieclip will play.

This simple movieclip is mbedded in the draggable movieclip and in the area that you have now dragged to the centre of the box.

If it helps to clarify what I’m talking about, I’ll explain what I’m actually doing…

Imagine a window in a wall and behind that window is a draggable screen, covered in different pages from my portfolio, but only one page can be seen at a time, so you have to drag it around to see the other pages. When you drag the screen so one of the pages is visible through the window, I need a bit of text to appear, explaining what that page is about.

Does that make sense?

I’m new to AS so I’ve been playing with statements and variables all day, but can’t get what I need.

This is the current state of the AS in frame 2 of the text Movie (still not remotely working):
if (this._x>403 and this._x<903) {

if (this._y>352 and this._y<713) {





[COLOR=Black]And the hierarchy of the movieclips:

_Root>Movie1>Movie2(Border)>DraggableMovie>Text Movie(where the above AS is).

So, can anyone help? I hope so, I thought I was getting the hang of AS!