Drat.. this works fine from my machine, online it says "NaN%" for load status

I’m making a photo portfolio for a friend. She wants

A) to be able to upload/overwrite the images when she feels like it

B) each of the 7 galleries (galleries have 8-23 photos each) to load in all images before user is allowed to interact with them

So I’ve been building the site this way: there are multiple loader bars that begin each gallery. One for each image being loaded externally. Once they’re all at %100 the gallery interaction is to begin.

I have this working fine on my computer when I test it. No root references. All relative. I’ve uploaded this and all dependent files to my site. But online it says “NaN” instead of the percentage (integer w/ %) for each loader bar. UUGh. Why?? Help, I thought I would’ve had this figured out days and days ago! I posted another question about this site development last week (no reply, it was kind of complicated), sorry I’m posting again but I haven’t find my solution yet. don’t even know how to find a solution to making a flash site this way, which was totally my (unoriginal?) idea to begin with.

If you’d like to help, you rock. Here’s the URL of the zip of the project and dependent files for you to dig into, if you like:


Thanks in advance