SWF errors only when uploaded

Hey i am messing around with a random bg preloader and it works fine when i test it in flash and hit cntrl+enter to simulate the dl. It shows the percent and draws a bar. But when i post it to my website and try it i either get NaN% or something like -19,000% but the page still loads up fine. Anyhelp would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve included the fla so you can see it work correctly.
And here’s a link that should show it going weird http://www.monkeymods.com/test


Funny, it seems to be loading fine in my browser. I can see that it increments from 0% to 100% just fine :slight_smile:

odd, maybe my comp has seen the loading screen so many times that it’s sick of the file ;p I tried clearing the cache but who knows. Thanks!

Works fine for me too.

Worked fine for me, but…

I’d strongly suggest adjusting your code so that the prototype is NOT nested within an onEnterFrame and if you change “this._width = Percent;” to “this._xscale = Percent;” you might get the effect you’re going for. But the reason nothing fades or scales-in is because you have the functions all hackneyed and misplaced (sorry).

Also, if you look closely at the load percent it will display a number in the negative thousands for a second or two when it first starts.

You could also get rid of about 1/2 of the code you have there.:wink:

I don’t know if you’re used to older versions of Flash (your programming style reminds of me Flash 5-ish programming), but with MX 2004, OOP, and AS2.0 I’d say you could clean things up a bit and optimize your code to be bullet-proof.

(As if that’s all not enough, I would also suggest using myText._text = “some text” instead of giving the textBox a var name and setting the var to equal the text – again, just more Flash 5 flare peeking through your code) :red:

No hard feelings newhope, I’m incredibly new to this and I’m breaking the first newb law by just reading random tuts and trying to train myself without a well based introduction. I just wanted to test this idea before i jumped into fully training myself. I’m pretty decent in C++ so i just figured i could cost on basic rules ;p

One question, do you know if i can have an if statement like if percent == NaN? cuz i’d like to just get rid of the possibilities of having NaN and -19000 by just replacing them with 0%. Thanks!

No! No hard feelings at all!:slight_smile:

Seriously, it sounded cynical and snyde but I was only trying to make some coding suggestions.

Here are a few things you can try:

function checkData() {
     var percent = textBox.text;
     if (percent == -19000) {
          // do something
     } else if (isNaN(percent)) {
          // do something else
     } else {
          // do another thing

I think there’s nothing wrong with your approach to self-teaching (it’s how I learned, actually). Screw those ill-defined newb laws. :slight_smile:

Thanks kenny, i fully understood your comments as kind suggestions and never took them as rude =)

Thanks for all the help!