Draw Castle Aaarrrggghhh (BATTLE) you have 45 seconds GO! NOW!

[size=1]Looks like we’re due for another! (I tried this one earlier but the post got corrupt so lets see if it works this time around) ;)[/size]

You are Joseph of Arimathea carving your last words on the cave wall… in Aramaic. One slight problem, you need to divulge the location of the grail but what if those worthy (those valiant and pure of spirit) do not know or speak Aramaic? To resolve this problem, an illustration of the castle is necessary - pictures, the universal language. Sadly, as a result of a wicked thrashing from the legendary Black Beast of Aaauugh, your time is limited as your end is nigh. How nigh? 45 seconds! HURRY!

size: 550x400
topic: draw a castle
tools: anything goes (PhotoShop typically tool of choice)
deadline: 45 seconds from when your first painting or drawing tool first hits the canvas


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