Drawing board tute

well dun on that drawing board pom its cool and really easy just made it now ill just put it on my site in a minute for my members


P.s keep em coming

Thanks Man.

pom 0]

yo pom is there any way i could add different colours and stuff and make it like a real online paint program coz that would be cool


you could probly use a variable in place of the 0x000000 and then use small color buttons to change the variable…? maybe pom? I didn’t try it…

Yep Jubby.

 //At the beginning of the code :
// Then bla bla bla until

This will make your line red.

So if you know that, you can now make a series of buttons that will

 on (press) {_root.hexa=0x066cc00;}

and so on and so forth.

pom 0]

thanks peeps thats cool


yo i can figure out thw blah blah blah bit have u got the full code for it i am crap at actionscript i know the hex though so editing it is no prob



its the same code as in the tut, just replace the line that goes




and then make the buttons like pom said.