Drawing like a box or line or whatever

i have a question on how to draw something on flash…
for example, some sites have it where it seems like its actually drawing right then… if you’re still confused umm…e.g. it has a graphic of a pen, and it is writing letters on the webpage.

all i can do is to show the entire letter at a time…

this is very hard to say with words so follow this link
www.highctr.com ( i think this site is very well made ) then click on enter, then click on profile…on the left side, it shows a flame thing writing something…that is what i am talking about

i am wondering how you can make something like that without the sparks, just how to make something like that writing.

thank you

Try doing a search on the board. You might find one of our posts on the subject. Short of that try posting this question in the a/s forum. I don’t know why no one has replied to you, but I do know that a couple of people have done these things.

I personaly have never tried it.

I was wondering the same thing, and I found a fla. I can’t post it, it’s not onthis computer, but as soon as I get how it works, I’ll get back to you.

pom :slight_smile:

And yeah, HighCtr rocks (it was SOTW a few weeks ago).

this effect is done with a very simple masking technique, ill go over a simple way to do it, just for an example-

create a layer(layer1) with text or whatever you want to appear as if its being written out , underneath it make a new layer (layer2), im sure theres more than one way to do it, but the easiest way ive found is to use a series of keyframes :

on layer 2 make a keyframe in the first frame, with the paintbrush tool make a ‘dab’ of paint where you want it to start drawing, then on the same layer add another keyframe in frame #2 (you have to do it in order, and make sure not to add keyframes unless your done drawing in the frame before it), make another ‘dab’ with the paintbrush tool on the second area you want it to unmask, keep doing this in order by creating a new keyframe every time you want to add to the mask.
when your done , make sure layer 1 extends out with regular frames to the end of the keyframes in layer 2 (ie if layer 2 stops at frame #20, make sure layer one has regular frames in 1-20)
right click layer 1 and set it to mask, then play the animation, it should work nicely

i hope this dosent sound too confusing grin im not very good at explaining these things, but if anyone has questions or would like a .fla file with the animation id be happy to make one for you.

Five :nerd:

I’d be happy to see it, Five. The fla I had did it with Motion Guides and clip duplication. Nice work but complicated…

pom :asian: