drawTriangles() UV Mapping only good for Planes?

I’m just coming back to toying with 3d in flash. All my previous efforts were made in AS2 so drawTriangles() is liquid-awesome to me… Still, am I right in thinking that the UV mapping of drawTriangles is only really useful for two-triangle planar evaluations? In other words, there isn’t any way to pipe in the UV map data required to skin a whole model - even a simple cube - in one call to drawTriangles, is there?

I got my hopes up when I saw I could draw the whole wireframe of an object in one call, but everything I read suggests the UV coordinates are relative to the vertices, not the indices. So I’m thinking that the UV value for a vertex can’t be redefined for triangles sharing vertices as described by the index. Is that right?

If so, I guess you could draw the whole thing in a single call if you threw away your index and passed all the unconsolidated vertex information. Seems like an awful waste if that’s right. I must be missing something. Help?