Dreamweaver adding two editable regions

ok so i’ve made my template, and i have one editable region. But for some reason, i can’t add another editable region? what i want to do is for some space to put pictures and stuff and i was thinking i need another editable region so i can put it in there.

so can nsomeone plz tell me how to do it. thx

Is your editable region within another editable region? If so you will have to do a nested template.

yep it is, how do youd o nested template? its in the templates part right? so do you just open your template file and click on nest template or something? sorry i can’t try i’m not at home at the moment…

Yeah you cannot do it they way you are trying. BUt in DW if you press f1. That brings up the help file. Go to the search tab and enter in nested templates that will bring it up. They can explain it better than I can. If you stillneed help let me know

yea alrite thx i just read that and tried it and it works, but the thing is, it makes an editable region inside that one, so its like the one on the tutorial you told me to just read. i was looking for having one editable region, and then having another one under it or something. would you know how to do this…? thx

you mean under as in like the next row?? If so just select the td or tr then go insert>>template objects>>editable region. You are trying to add a editable region to the actual template and not a document based on the template?