Dreamweaver nested template problem

i’m still workin on this nested template thing because i’ve stopped it for a while, and so just begun on it again. My problem is that i have an editable region, and i can now add another one. but the things is i want that editable region to be under the first one i made. Right now it only goes on the right of it!

oh and btw, whats a repeating region? i’ve tried reading the help but it always confuses me! thx a lot

If you wanna nest a template you have to open a document base dont the first template. The create a new editable region then save that document as a template then ope a new document based on the new template. Now that new document is the one that will have the nested editable region.

A repeating region is a row within a table that repeats itself. Not the whole table. Like if you have a table with 2 rows. and you want to dynamically show all the records from your database. You put the repeat region behavior on your row and that row will repeat from every record in your record set (database). It is so you dont have to manually add or subtract td’s from your table. The macromedia web site has some good stuff on that.

alrite i’ll have a go at that when get home and tell you if it works, hoep it does :trout:

ah it works. alrite jsut to make sure i’m on the right track, if i wanna add pictures, i add it in the editable region right? so would i need two editable regions for that? i was thinkin it wouldjust organize it a little

If the whole region changes then no you dont have to have a new region. But if the picture region changes independantly then yes that would be a good idea. Word of caution do not get carried with nesting templates. PLan them ver carefully. Because when you change the root template it will change nested templates but nested templates wont change root templates. It gets confusing and you could really screw your site up.