Dreamweaver Books

I know that Colin Moock does the best Flash book but who does the best Dreamweaver book that can be used by novices and advanced users alike.

I need something that covers the advanced features in more detail than the one brought out by Cavanagh in the Osborne book range.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Dreamweaver4 Bible

I agree… the bible’s rock

That is a great help, I was looking at the bible today and nearly bought it, one thing is for sure, I will get it tomorrow.

Thanks guys.

Jamon people at least say dreamweaver bible…
it aint the bible :slight_smile:

seriously! it doesnt take that long to type ‘dreamweaver bible’

Who care, the original Bible is a joke anyway so I guess if someone wants to use “the bible” as a term then why not let them?

Bolero is a fag, im not trying to start anything, but i think it would be a good idea to ban him saying stuff like that.

[this is aebuddy]

Well then we should ban you for calling people names!!!

I am entitled to my opinion on the bible and organised religion and will not be kept quiet just because my opinion conflicts with yours.

This is not a religious forum and the people that come here are entitled to have alternative views to the ignorant rantings from people like you.

Um… this is really stupid.

If you have some sort of extra respect for THE BIBLE than the rest of us, then that’s fine, but you’re being unreasonable if you’re saying we should ban someone for saying that.

Are you serious or just joking around?

The bible is bunk.

you gonna ban me?

No one is going to get banned. In the future, let’s not get into religious issues on the boards…from experience in other boards, the topics get really touchy and people get angry, etc. etc.


np… I know I can be a particular pain in the butt about such things… and though I didn’t start it… I know it takes two to make an arguement.

Kirupa is correct though… and if anyone wishes to argue the validity of God with me, I can name three or four boards where it would be appropriate…

Ok no problem on the religious thing. I instigated a thread on religion a few months back in another forum and got over 1200 replies…amazing!!!

Anyway back to the books…I have read numerous reviews about numerous books and the various IT Bibles have their critics as does just about every book on the market. I can’t decide on a specific book because everyone has a different attitude. I am thinking about going for the H.O.T. books as they seem to be generally accepted.

Anyone else have experience with these? If there is a lot of negativity on them then I will get the IT Bibles I have been looking at, they just don’t seem to be close enough to what I am looking for.

Thanks again.

If i were you, i’d search Amazon for that type of book, check the ratings, and read the reviews…or have a look at some in a store to make up your own mind…