Dreamweaver help

hi all ,

i want to create some links on a web page that i am making in dreaweaver but on the mouseover i want to change the appearance of the text i.e make it bold or something . can someone please tell me how to do this?

appreciate any help




hi thanks for that but im a bit confused as to why i need CSS.
sorry im new to all this.

CSS is what makes the links change when you rollover. Read the article and you will understand. You asked how to do it and I gave you a link to the answer.

How did you get that cool K after your name Jubba?

thanks very much , i was just checking

hey i have a similar question, but i couldnt figure it out on the site
ya know how some people have the color kind of fade in and out on mouseover for the link?
how do you do that?
if its a stupid question tell me, but im gonna keep lookin at the site

no, do you have an example 28?

Ish: its because I’m a moderator.

naw, lemme look for one tho

k what you could do is use a rollover image thats what your looking for, or you could use another cool efect which is called a nav bar image which as up, over and clicked states something like what i used here http://www.bmv-interactive.com/quericopub for the menus just make a gif of the text you want to use and change the color or the size but make sure its in the same pixel size so it doesnt look strange, if this is what you mean you can go to insert in dreamweaver and choose either rollover image or navigation bar image and specify which image will be used on rollover and up or down states its a very neat

if you need more DW help let me know but be sure to specify you problem wiht details not just i cant do this lol

good luck :beam:

jubba, i looked around and found the code for it, but its all freaky deaky JS so it confused me… oh well

yeah I figured it was JS.

grimDeath: yeah you could use images, but most times its not a good idea because you can keep the size of the page much smaller by using text.