3 Questions What are the differences… Whats better and Why…DREAMWEAVER vs FRONTPAGE2000…DREAMWEAVER vs DREAMWEAVER ULTRA DEV…Any Input

Hey LeviCzar,
I have never used Dreamweaver Ultradev, so I am in no intelletual position to argue for DW & DW UD. But I will be more than willing to give my opinions between DW and FP.

I think FrontPage is better (having written a book about the program has nothing to do with it lol). Dreamweaver and FrontPage are both great programs. The features DreamWeaver has and the integration of needless Flash features such as “inserting a Flash movie” are great for flashers. But, do the features of DreamWeaver justify the steep price tag when FrontPage costs less and accomplishes the similar goal.

Every single page on my site was created and updated entirely using FrontPage 98 then FrontPage 2000 and now FrontPage 2002. Because FrontPage is owned by Microsoft <insert heavenly music>, FrontPage supports majority of the Internet Explorer technologies. I use the partial border feature on almost all the tables and cells on my site. DreamWeaver cannot do that without me having to edit the HTML. Being the only person who has worked on this site, I have no time to modify the code manually for each page.

The FrontPage Server Extensions are a great boon to developers. While DreamWeaver takes the standard CGI/JavaScript approach effectively, FrontPage uses server side components to allow for greater interactivity between the visitor, developer, and the site. While I do have blargs about the Server Extensions and how many hosting companies are slow to adapt to the latest versions, FrontPage is reverse compatible with older versions.

Dreamweaver is excellent when it comes to the arena of cross browser compatibility. Because of its cleaner code, Netscape has no problem viewing its pages most of the time. FrontPage’s numerous DHTML/CSS etc. features don’t downgrade well to the HTML compliancy of Netscape. Then again, I take the radical approach that Internet Explorer is better. I am not going to ‘downgrade’ my site’s aesthetic appeal for a few Netscape users. Over 95% of the browser market is owned by Internet Explorer, and I don’t see Netscape ever improving their product to were it works on par with Internet Explorer. With that said…

Dreamweaver is a good program that I used to use before I switched to FP. The uploading/managing files is so much easier in FrontPage. I too haven’t seen many dreamweaver sites done by the average Moe and Kirupa (yep, there are average Kirupas out there hehe) that isn’t similar to the average sites done in FrontPage.

FrontPage is easier to use, no doubt about it. Just because the program is easier, does not mean that that the program is for beginners or is inadequate as a program. The program that a developer uses does not matter as much as the skill and talent the developer has.

The tools is just a means of getting the stuff out there. The rest comes from the creativity of the individual using the tools. Dreamweaver won’t create the site for you. Neither will FrontPage. I’ve seen sites created in Notepad that are quite exquisite in their uniqueness and ‘coolness’.

To sum up an answer for your question, I say give both DreamWeaver and FrontPage a shot. Both have 30-day trials on their respective sites (macromedia and microsoft). Pick and choose which program you like. I like FrontPage!


I know vica versa kirupa cause I don’t use FrontPage but I use Dreamweaver UD and I like it but I have heard FP is great too so just use trials until you find what you like!

And Dreamweaver is probably way more expensive…at least mine was!

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I’ve used frontpage before. but it was wayyyy back in tha dayz. I prefer Dreamweaver more than I would for Frontpage. I just like being able to view tha HTML adn edit it from there, in a nice lil window instead of something like notepad that’s kinda cheap. You can edit the HTML and see the effects, making it easier to correct problems as you move along. Inserting frames and tables is also easier, which is great for me…as I love to use frames. :slight_smile:

Im just not a frontpage kinda person…more for actually typing tha HTML than using menu’s and such to insert and edit the HTML for me.

But I also haven’t used Frontpage in soemtime, so there may have been a lot of improvements that I haven’t seen/heard of yet.


FrontPage now has its own HTML view in which you can actually switch back from regular and HTML view with the click of a small tab :slight_smile:

ahhh who cares…ill always b a diehard dreamweaver fan :slight_smile:

Haha, I am a die hard Microsoft/Intel/nVidia fan and eventhough other products might work better, I always liked products made by those companies better. It’s all about personal preference really hehe.

I’m an Adobe/Macromedia/nVidia/AMD person. Only after the Athlon came out, though.

I tend to prefer Dreamweaver though…But I think I’ve only worked with the beheaded version of FrontPage that comes with Internet Explorer…

Does this version that comes with Office XP have all the features of 2002? More so, is it actually 2002 itself?

FrontPage 2002 is a full featured Web/HTML editing program in itself. I don’t have Office XP, but I do have the FrontPage, and it is very similar to other Office XP applications from what I saw on screenshots. It is the full featured application. FrontPage is a core part of Office XP Professional and Premium.

AMD’s chips are the fastest chips and the price/performance can’t be beat by any Intel chip…yet lol :slight_smile:

Thanks that was a huge reply and well typed …Ill go download 2002 trial {in fact all my programs r trials not hacked but i just do system restore and reinstall them off a burned disk every month] lol or sometimes just turn your computers clock back 30 days lol YES THEY R THAT DUMB JUST TURN THE CLOCK BACK…any way thanks…I dont think stating that breaks your hacking rules but if u see fit take that part out

That in a way is hacking/cracking though. :slight_smile:

it does get annoying after so long though, that’s y I stopped turning my clocks back. It gets old fast. When the trial runs out…oh well…

But yeah…they r dumb.

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Hehe, this post was linked on Flashkit’s boards on a FrontPage vs. DW discussion :slight_smile: : board.flashkit.com/board/…did=288822


Bacause it’s easier. Much easier. Might not be better, but its easier. And then again, I still have to figure out just why my stupid site wont werk inside of Netscrape. They suck and Im tired of even seeing their crappy, underfunded, overrated crap of a browser. The sooner it goes away the sooner most webbers will rejoice.

phil jayhan

Hehe phil, I agree with you. Netscape 6.2 seems to be half-way decent, but it is simply too late for them to make any serious comeback. Netscape should have, in their golden days, taken advantage of their lead and promoted DHTML, JavaScript, etc. instead of suing Microsoft. Unlike Netscape, Microsoft has the resources and people to both fight a court battle and to improve upon their browser at the same time.

A small number of (highly vocal) people still use Netscape…I think Pom uses Netscape =)


:smiley: Suing Microsoft does seem to be the rage nowadays doesn’t it? What kind of company puts out a product that is not compliant with all Web Protocols? Netscrape. What kind of company do you have to spend all sorts of your own time dicking around just to make it work inside Netscrape, so some little, more than likely nerd freak, can say, Netscrape rules! None of my site werks within Netscrape and I haven’t even gotten to the point of figuring out why.

But Webbuilders should not have to make so many ****ed versions of their websites. One for 600-800, one for 1024x768, one for netscrape, one for explorer. A day is coming and soon wil be when you will create your website and it will be one size fits all. As World Dictator I promise you this, and much, much more. Vote for me in November by Punching #10 for World Dictator.

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I also promise to end world hunger and to stop all wars

Wohooo! Finally, a politician for the geeky class! You have my vote Phil :slight_smile:

Netscape should have sued Eminem, too. Just for the hell of it. Everyone else is doing it…I think I’m going to file a suit agains him…

the only difference that I see is that DW is great for every macromedia program, if you want to insert a flash file in front page…mmmm how do you do it ??

I think I would like to sue eminem as the music personally offends me. Does that count? :stuck_out_tongue:

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