Oh..Master Kirupa..FP or Dreamweaver

If you don’t mind can you or would you point out some differences between FrontPage 2002 and Dreamweaver 4.\rIt seems to me that DW is a lot easier to insert flash movies as to other graphics I’m using FP.\r\rCan you insert Flash into frontpage, is that what ActiveX is for ??\r\rwhat’s your personal opinion as to each software ?\rand what’s new on Fp 2002 compared with FP 2000.\r\rThank you so much

Hi,\r\rI went to school to learn dreamweaver but, at work i was fooling around with FP and i loved it!\r\rFP advantages\r\r1. u have so many effects to chose from\r2. you can crop a picture in Fp without going into photoshop\r3. marquee ( scrolling) text\r4. word wrap etc… on text\r5. ALL the DHTML effects that dreamweaver doesnt have\r\rI like effects so FP is great DW has flash rollover butons and swap image that’s it! FP has a billion more effects to use!\r\rDW u need to make folder on hardrive then… transport them into DW FP no. FP u cant take a graphic on hard drive import in FP without having to make a graphic folder on HD and imorting it into FP unlike DW.\r\rFP u can copy paste a site off the web and play with it DW no because again u need to make seperate folder to import the graphics into DW pain in the ass.\r\rThe only thing i dont like about FP is moving pictures. DW u make a layer and move anything! anywhere! FP u cant move pics as freely. :(\r\rI just bought FP2002 and still playing with it. I 'm having problems with site mangement a bit . I make new pages not web based pages ( templates etc.) I need to learn CSS and crap like that but other wise i like FP MUCH better\r\rMonica

Hey kamello and monica,\rMonica, that’s a great explanation. FrontPage is easier and usually effective when pitted in a battle with DreamWeaver. FrontPage does support inclusion of Flash animations. All you have to do is open the HTML page published my Macromedia Flash in FrontPage and copy and paste the animation into your Web site. Just make sure you upload the SWF file along with your page.\r\rMonica, FrontPage supports absolute positioning of images, text, etc. All you have to do is select a picture and ensure the Pictures toolbar is displayed. On the pictures toolbar, click the 4th icon from the left. After you click that icon while the image is selected, you will be able to drag and drop your image anywhere you want to on your page.

WOW i wanted to say thank you Kirupa on the input on moving pictures! I just tried it and it work! I wish FP help would tell you things like this!\r\rSomeone really needs to write a great book about FP and all the elements it has.

hey pookie65!\rI wrote a book that includes that information :slight_smile: In my book, FrontPage 2002: A Beginner’s Guide, you will find out how to position your images on pages 98-103. Page 99 has the information I posted above! You can learn more about my book by visiting the following URL: www.kirupa.com/frontpage/home.htm & [url=“http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0072134917/kirupacom/”]www.amazon.com/exec/obido…kirupacom/

I love the Microsoft Press “Inside Out” book on FP 2002. The physical book gets very little use, but it comes with the entire text as an eBook that solves most of the problems you could run into. It uses the XP page format with the Navigation Panel on the left. That panel let’s you search the book in its entirety, word by word. So, generate your search phrase and “BANG!” you are positioned in the pages and paragraphs wherein the answer(s) may lie. If it’s not in that book, then I’m sure Mr. Kirupa’s book will fill in the gaps. \rIt helps to have dual monitors for this purpose. One for the programming and one for the references.