Driving me nuts i tell ya!

Let me first say that the people in this forum ROCK!

Okay, now that I kissed some butt, please help me with this one…:p:

If you go to [color=green]www.knotwear.com[/color] and click “Contact Us”, you go to the proper Contact Us page. Now go to the Privacy Policy, scroll down and click one of the Contact Us links within the Privacy Policy. Why does it take you to a version of the Contact Us page with a scroll bar? My code for these buttons is the same code for when you click the main “Contact Us” button, which is:

on (release) (
gotoAndPlay(“Scene Contact Us”, 1);

P.S. If it matters, the copy for the Privacy Policy was done as a MC

It sounds like a targeting issue.

Firstly, flash has very poor support for scenes, it’s recommended to stray from them (for future reference).

Also, when using gotoAndPlay(“sceneName”, frameNum), it will not work within a movieclip, you need to give frame 1 in the ‘Scene Contact Us’ scene a frame label… let’s say… ‘contactUs’ (no quotes)… then try using…

on (release){
_root.gotoAndPlay(‘contactUs’);//use quotes here though

I now know about scenes, but I had a design company make the site for me, because I’m just learning Flash and didn’t want to wait a while before having the site up.

Anyway, thank you VERY much…that worked perfectly.