Drop down box

Hi guys…

Please help me with this simpel AS issue. It sounds easy and it probraly is, but my newbie brain has bin working overtime, and im completly lost… :frowning:

Here goes… I have a small recuangle box with some text on it, which can be dragged.

box_mx.onPress= function() {
box_mx.onRelease= function() {

Ok, first issue, you see by onPress i drag the box. How do i write a “double click” or is it even possible? If so, it leeads to my second question. When double clicking, i want a drop down box, so the width will be the same, but the height will expand, just like a drop down menu, but instead of a menu, i want a movieclip to appear in it… I really hope you follow me.

If this can be achieved, after the box has “expanded” is it still possible to drag it with the movieclip inside it??

Please help me guys… Much appreciated…

regards hrbi