Drop down menu...pls check the error


First of all, thanks Kirupa for the drop down tutorial :slight_smile: It really helped me a lot. Anyway, it seems there is a small error in mine. I was wondering if someone willing to help me on this.

URL : http://i7test.com/flash/navigation_new.html

Try this :

mouseOver to About Us , then move to What’s New.
While ur mouse pointer still in What’s New move to the Our Wines

My question is, why the drop down menu from About Us can’t hide right away when u did above activities.

Let me know if I should explain it more clearly. Thanks a bunch before.


Well i couldn’t really find the code and everything since everything was everywhere :-\ But you can try to add this code:

on (rollOut) {
gotoAndPlay (“close”)
Where ‘close’ is the frame name of the closed thing. Tell me if it doesn’t work :slight_smile:

blah-de-blah : thanks for the reply.

that’s what I thought too but…nope, it didnt work.

see attachment.

anyone can help me ?? please…this thing make me crazy… :\

What do you actually want ? I mean, when going from the subMenu to a main menu that main menu opens, what’s the problem ?

You say “Why can’t it hide right away” ? But what’s the problem if the other one opens immediately ?

Well first of all make the ‘invisible button’ bigger! Bigger that the whole scene! Because flash does not work at lightspeed so if there is just a thin edge of that button and you move your mouse too quickly then flash might not even know that you rollOvered it!
I said it in the tutorial too: quote: <i>Now select the Rectangle Tool and draw a big rectangle! Bigger than the stage itself!</i>

And I see that it doesn’t always close the submenu when you rollover another menu button! I think that is because you have the invisible button inside the other menus! And the other invisible button is underneath the other menu buttons so flash thinks that you rollOvered another menubutton not the invisible button! So I would say you should make one big invisible buttons make it close all the menus around when you rollover it, not just one!

thanks Syko & Voetsjoeba :slight_smile: i think it works fine now…thanks