Drop Down menu quirk

I have tried a simple drop down menu which is an altered verion of the ddmenu that was posted in the basics section of Flash MX on this site.

The problem is when I duplicated the menu five times and altered the text and the size of the invisible button so it was smaller (in order to fit more menus on the screen.) It all works fine apart from the fact that sometimes when you rollout of one menu it doesn’t always close, even if you are hovering over another. You have to go back to the first menu and manually rollover and out of the Menu Button for it too close.

The actionscript is such that when you rollover the menu button it jumps to a frame with a label and then wheh you rollover the invisible button, which surrounds the whole menu it jumps back to the first frame, also with a label, and the menu closes.

Simple, but it glitches sometimes. I think it’s to do with the size of the invisible button.

Any help would be appreciated.


BTW here is the link: http://www.kirupa.com/developer/mx/dropdownmenu.htm