Drop Menu : Rollovers/GetURL in a Movie don't work...and the SWF doesn't work in FF

My links/rollovers don’t work in Mozilla and the dropdown menu part don’t work (the rollovers and the getURLs) in any browser.

What’s wrong with this??? I think it’s something simple.
I’ve already tried:

this._lockroot = true; 

I also tried writing the AS as:

one.title.text = "The Text"; 
one.onRollOver = over; 
one.onRollOut = out;  
function over () { 
function out () { 
one.onRelease = function(){ 

…didn’t work…

I hope someone can help!

Download the: Source File

(Lately I’ve gotten no help off this site and it’s been very depressing because this site people used to be very helpful…I hope someone can change my mind)