Dropdown menu problem plseseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee help (Urgent)

hi guys
well i have a button with a animation in it on mouse over of that button i want to have a drop down menu which is infact also a button for me to link it to different pages
welll i am able to do this
can u pls help me or gide me to a good tutorial which can help me
Thanx in advance

The problem I used to run into when doing that was that I would use a button for the drop down menu, but I would like the menu to disapear when rolled off of. But if you are to put buttons in the drop down, then you’ll be rolling off of the drop down when you roll onto the link button.

Is this the problem you are running into?

yes thatz exactly the problem that i am facing
i hope u can give me some help on that

i helped MMMKT debug a menu like that. The code got pretty complex. Lots of variables to deal with. But in the end it came ou great and worked exactly like a Windows or Make Menu bar.

Have you looked at the smart clip for the pull down menu in the common library that is included with Flash?

Thinking about this… it’s probebly not what you’re looking for. I’ll put together a basic drop down menu example for you to look at.