Dual Monitors Dual Wallpapers

Right, So i recently decided to get out my old monitor and play about with dual screens. which im loving but i have one problem :frowning:

wallpapers… :skull:

you see my problem is i have monitor 2 on the left and monitor 1 on the right. (1 is my main)

so when i make or get a wallpaper to span them both, it starts on 1 and extends to 2 but with the position of the monitors they dont flow on from one screen to the next.

Ive tryed the whole. properties - desktop - custom deskstop - web tab. that fix works for useing 2 wallpapers but it puts annoying coloured boxes around the text of my desktop icons, even thou the setting for that is off in the windows performance settings, but the web background seems to ignore it.

ive also tryed to use UltraMon. great untill i restart and it botts up both monitors in 800x600 4 bit colour >.< (think its due to me having an ATI Card)

Ive had a look at that hydravision made by ATI but it dosnt seem to have a wallpaper option.

anyone know of how i can fix this or am i going to have to use the windows fix and grit my teeth at coloured boxes around my icons lol :frowning: or any other software they will get along with my ATI card…

Thanks for any help.