Dumb newbie question

Hi. Currently I am working on a template with drop drown nvaigation menu using the so called “layers” (basically javascript).

However, I’ve decided to switch to Flash, since those layers are a pain in the *** (and with flash, I can update easily from one source)

You can see it here… http://www.ece.uwaterloo.ca/~rhkwan/template/ (click on the menu buttons to see what I mean)

But of course, the drop down menus are huge. And if I make the stage like 600px long just so I can get the drop down menu to view, all the contents would only start after that.

Is there a way to make things outside the stage visible? (I know, I doubt its possible) Is there any work arounds that I can try?

Thanks in advance. O.o

I am such a newbie.

Nice site btw!!! I love it!