Duplicate button just work on 1st button, please HELP

Dear All,
I’ve the button. i make one button and duplicate it with
looping for amount of records from database…
this is my code

[COLOR=navy]for (i=0; i<myrecs;i++) {
[COLOR=navy]duplicateMovieClip(_root.main.btn_more, “btn_more” add i, depth);
setProperty("_root.main.btn_more" add i, _y, yposition-70);
var clip = _root.main[“btn_more”+i];
clip.onRelease = function() {
loadVariablesNum (“DetailVilla.asp?id=” + i, 0);
gotoAndPlay (“loadDetail”);

that code works! but just in 1st button works…(only first button)…i;ve 5 duplicated button, but another button cannot mouseover and click :frowning:
how to resolve this problem?
please help…because i’ve heavy deadline and for one week i stack in
this part…
thank you…