Duplicated button not work & sending parameter to other frame..please HELP

dear all,
i’ve button the instance name is [COLOR=seagreen]“btn_more”.[/COLOR] i want to loading text n image from database, then with the button [COLOR=seagreen]“btn_more”[/COLOR] i want to [COLOR=seagreen]click detail[/COLOR] for each rows. because of this, i using duplicateMovieClip to duplicate my button. and give it action to enter a frame…

this is my code:

[COLOR=navy]for (i=0; i<5; i++) {
[COLOR=gray] //duplicate button[/COLOR][/COLOR]
duplicateMovieClip(_root.main.btn_more, “btn_more” add i, depth);
setProperty("_root.main.btn_more" add i, _y, yposition+30);
_root[“main.btn_more”+i].onRelease = function() { gotoAndPlay (“test1”);};
[/COLOR][COLOR=navy] depth–;
[COLOR=navy][COLOR=gray]// Set the y position plus 30
[/COLOR] yposition = yposition+120;

the duplicated button (ex 5 button) wa appear but they cannot show up like a button ( cannot mouseover, or onrelease).

and how to send parameter to frame [COLOR=seagreen]“test1”[/COLOR] with the [COLOR=seagreen]variable[/COLOR] from the database, example
if i click the button [COLOR=seagreen]“btn_more1”[/COLOR] (result of looping above), then will execute the frame [COLOR=seagreen]“test1”[/COLOR] that contain script to call an ASP file :

[COLOR=dimgray]//script in frame test1[/COLOR]
[COLOR=navy]loadVariablesNum(“DetailVilla.asp?id=” add [COLOR=red]i[/COLOR], 0);[/COLOR]
[COLOR=black]parameter [COLOR=red]i[/COLOR] in this script are take from those looping above.[/COLOR]
please help…it would be many thanks if anyone can help me…please…

thank you