Duplicate mc

I would like to create something somewhat similar to the following…

click to check it out

Once the swf loads, there is a little flower up near the top center. Upon clicking the flower, 3 more flowers randomly pop out and are also clickable. I’m assuming that this was accomlished with duplicate movieclip function, but I’ve never used it before so I’m not sure how it works.

If someone could sort of generally explain it to me, I’d appreciate it a lot. Thanks in advance.


over the top!

Hmmm, very interesting. No clue though…sorry

Came up with this quickie - just refine it - the theory is simple

I remade it so every new “circle” is clickable only once… minor detail…

the flowers on the above site, are also only clickable once…

(1 xtra line of code… not much)

Depends on the effect you want. But I suppose it’s a good idea to limit the amount of times you can click the dupped circle if you want less on stage.

yeah, u know it’s hard being a newbie!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried everything from variables to boolean expressions to make this work! :slight_smile:

Until i found out flash has an “enabled/disabled” feature… :-\

It’s those little things that really gets to me… grr…

And WHAT is going on above???

I think it’s a demonstration of how to hide huge weapons in small pockets.

Why - you don’t like it?

Btw, the tile based version of the pacman game is on the site.

That is a very good reproduction of the effect flex, but it doesn’t “flow” to the current spot, it just jumps. Still good none-the-less:)

Yes - I know but I tried to put a disclaimer at the beginning quote: “Came up with this quickie - just refine it” - so I have no liabilities

I read the thread before but went to the link and didn’t know what he was talking about - and this time I found it and just whipped up the fla.

Just needs some refining and should do the trick.

Yeah I read that part:)

I added more to it, I added a part that defines which of the balls are disabled by turning them grey with alpha=30.

That’s a nice idea. I think Elisoe’s bit was good, your bit was good, so I think this thread should turn into “Let’s see how this evolves”.

oki… the 3rd one here from me doesn’t turn grey, it fades down to 20% alpha after clicking, and of course is disabled. Plus the random alpha generated is now between 50 and 100.

How can u make it fade to a grey tint?

I think it might be a depths problem - the disabled on is covering the enabled one so you can’t click the enabled - so it won’t turn grey.


Umm. yeah that happends too… but what im saying is that I redid it so it FADES down instead of just turning grey :stuck_out_tongue:

Like on that site… they fade down…

I made this little fla evolve some more… who’s next?

Well, they fade to a grey color on the site… but I have no idea how to do that…

U make the first one, then i make sure they are disabled, then lost makes them grey, now i make them fade down… all we need is for them to fade to grey instead of just fading down the alpha, and then making them move correctly, then we have made those flowers completely!

Try this one

oki… any theory on making them move?

I’ve tried, but i have no idea where in the code to put the easing…it just doesn’t move then…they’re all placed on top of eachother in the same coordinate…