Duplicate Movie clip based on time

I know this has to be easy, but I’m not that great with code.
I am trying to duplicate a movie across the stage. I want each instance of the movie to play after each other, or if there is a way, (i am guessing there is) to set the time each clip plays. I followed the example but it doesn’t discuss the timing.


I would like to create the animation that span across the site when a page first loads, like this site. http://www.studiodialog.com/ (red to blue boxes)
this is what I have in the first frame of my movie

dupMovie = function () {
for (i=0; i<100; i++) {
circle.duplicateMovieClip("circle"+i, i, {_x:Math.random()*591, _y:0/*, _alpha:Math.random()*50*/});
with (eval("circle"+i)) {
//_xscale = _yscale=Math.random()*300;

I also attached the movie. Thanks for any help.