Duplicate Movie clip limit?

Well, here’s what im trying to do :o

I want people to be able to draw on a board and them be able to save their work.

So far this is what i’ve done: http://aim.alanpowell.net/testing/draw.html
(still in testing stages, to draw and view your drawing again, you have to delete temorary internet files or it’ll show you the last picture you drew b/c its caching it)

The way thats done is by recording each and every x,y coordinate, and well, as you’ll see, it gets kinda slow if you draw on it a while.

Well, then I came up w/ another idea, have a grid like board for ppl to draw on. What I did was I made a movie clip (2 pixels by 2 pixels) and using some actionScript I made it so you can click and it’ll fill in the movie backgroud to the color you choose, but, the MC is 2px by 2px (very small), so to create a drawing board, i’m duplicating it manyMANY MANY!!! times!!!
well, uhh…i can get it to duplicate 25 by 25 times (rows/colums - creats 425 duplicates!!) which creats a 50pixel by 50pixel grid. Pretty small size…but if i try to make more duplicates, Flash freezes, for obvious memory limitations.

So, is there another way to create a grid like drawing interface using the drawing API? or do you have any suggestions? or have u just stopped reading by now? :o

heh, thanks :slight_smile:

Kirupa has a Flash MX tutorial on creating drawing boards, not sure what version you are using but the tutorial can be found here…


There’s also a tutorial for F5, as a matter of fact. But I understand you’re trying to make a grid, isn’t it? Try that:

for (j=0;j<=10;j++){
for (j=0;j<=10;j++){

You could do a more advanced version where you get the height and the width of the scene too…

pom :asian: