Duplicate movieclip

ok here is what i wanna doo
I have a text box… which has data loaded from a textfiel(.txt) dynamicaly …

say this is the data in the text file


now here is what i wanna doo… i want the text to load up in flash… but i also want… for each name … have a movie clip behind it… and that movie clip to duplicate depending on how many lines are there… in this case 4 lines…

soo basically each movieclip has a name in it… and then the next name has a movie clip… and then when it reaches john … it stopes

how do i do that?

please help thanks

something like this?

well sort of … but i want the text on the movie clip to come from a text file… and the total number of movieclips duplicated should be same as the number of lines in the text file… excluding the variable name … ( hope that makes sense )