DuplicateMovieClip ALPHA PROBLEMS

ok heres the deal. I’m trying to make a mouse trail, and the duplicated MCs are supposed to become lighter and lighter.\r\rduplicateMovieClip (_root.dragger, drag1, 1)\rdrag1._alpha=75\r\r\rthats my code…why’s it not working? I got that from the Elastic Ball Open source. its basically the same code so what am I doing wrong?

well, what you have here is one instance named “drag1”. that’s it. if you want to make several, like 10, do this in a forloop:\r\rmax = 10;\raIncr = 100/max; //evens out alpha change\rfor (x = 0; x < max; ++x) {\r_root.dragger.duplicateMovieClip(“drag”+x, x);\r//this part of the script makes each successive one lighter:\r_root[“drag”+x]._alpha -= aIncr;\r}

I think that your problem, Jubba,is that you forgot the “”. It’s “drag1” I think.\r\rpom 0]

are you trying to do something like this?\r\rjeremydecker.s5.com/fading_trailer.swf\r[url=“http://jeremydecker.s5.com/fading_trailer.fla”]jeremydecker.s5.com/fading_trailer.fla\r\r:) \rjeremy

well no thor. I have more of those. in frame 3 that starts, in frame 4 there is another code for drag2 and the alpha of that. and then in frame 5 there is another code for drag3. I only posted the code once. There is more. and it works in the elastic ball open source…i was just curious as to why it wasn’t wokring for me. \r\rthanks sin and thor. Sin the simplicity of that is insane. I know why I didn’t think of it, but now I’m kicking myself. THanks.

how did you guys get this good at actionscripting where you can just ramble off any scrpit at any time and have it e the right script to solve the problem?? i was just wondering…

practice practice practice…\r\rthat and the “Action Script Reference Guide.”

you have to first do things wrong and learn to correct yourself.\rand of course ‘the definitive guide’ should be near you at all times.\r:) \rjeremy

for me, it’s like speaking english. i’ve programmed for only about a year and a half now. i started with c++ then worked my way through actionscript. plus, like upuat said, practice practice practice. with actionscript, i type everything in, to me, the drag-and-drop style of coding flash has to offer (in the Normal mode) is too slow for me. \ralso i catch on to things real quick. i learned how to program 3d (in flash) in close to about a day, after reading an excellent article by the great brandon williams of were-here.com.

oh yeah… and stealing helps a lot too. I steal code from everywhere, then I manipulate the numbers to see what changes in the effect.

Not stealing, Upuaut, it’s open source you’re talking about, so you mean adapting…remember that part about hacked&cracked&huff&puff&blowyourhousedown software?.. lol\rYou’re right about the book, just regret books don’t come with downloadable updates, no that there’s so much new scripting in MX, will we have to buy it again? (who’s gonna want those used and abused Flash 5 copies…).

lol… I’m glad I didn’t get that book yet then… I’ll be preped to buy the new one when it comes out.\r\rYup… that’s right, Upuaut does not have the Definitive Guide… I’ve done all my Action script the hard way… well not really, I have at least 9 other books. :slight_smile:

you don’t necessarily need to buy any books for actionscript. i found the help file/reference for flash really helpful. it has every keyword and function in actionscript and has the explanation as well as examples for each.