Duplicating a random loadMovie

I’m using the random loadmovie technique.
I have a blank movieclip called “holder” in my main scene that receives the random loaded movies. The main scene is 5 frames long, and a new 20 frame movieclip is loaded into “holder” every time it loops back to frame 2.
I want to duplicate “holder” so that it leaves an instance of the random clip playing while the main scene loops around and loads a new movie. The code I have in frame 2 is:

i = i + 1;

loadMovie (movies[Math.round(Math.random()*movies.length)], “holder”);

setProperty (“holder”, _x, Math.random() * 800);

duplicateMovieClip (“holder”, “holder” add i, i);

I’m not really sure about the whole “depth” thing, for starters.
I’m also not sure if all the actions to duplicate the loaded movie should be in frame 2 of the main timeline, in the timeline of the loaded movie that replaces “holder”, or in the object actions of the “holder” instance on my main timeline.
I’m sure that you Gurus know exactly what I need to do. This is for a final project due on tuesday, by the way.
thankee kindly