Duplicating mcs into other mcs


I need to duplicate an mc but have it duplicate inside another mc, this is so i can scroll a list of dynamically created mcs. What do i need to change to the duplicateMovieClip code?

this is the original duplicate code that i used, it works absolutely fine but i need it to be embedded in another mc so i can use my scrollbar plug-in;

duplicateMovieClip(_root.list_textfield, “list_textfield”+_root.basketcounter, _root.basketcounter);

And i want this list_textfield mc to be duplicated within the holder mc list_holder which will be at the root of the movie with list_textfield held inside it.

I tried this and changed the code but it didnt work, some help would be appreciated!! i tried this, to no luck;

duplicateMovieClip(_root.list_holder.list_textfield, “list_textfield”+_root.basketcounter, _root.basketcounter);

its a git.