Duplicating movieclips

My game isn’t working. My gun can move in 8 directions. like up donw lkeft right diagnols. And i want when he hits shift to fire a bullet i drew. It doesnt shoot.

Here it is:

numMovie = 2;
//that says how many of the same movieClips will apear on screen//
for (i=2; i<=numMovie; i++) {
	Movie.duplicateMovieClip("Movie1"+i, i+100);
             //the "movie"+i is the name of the duplicated movieClip//
	_root["Movie1"+i]._x = 309.1;
	_root["Movie1"+i]._y = 181.5;
             //these are to set the duplicated movieClip somewhere so that it doesn't end up right under the first movieClip :P//

if you have any more questions, feel free to ask :D.