(DW) Flash menu for Dreamweaver page

Afternoon all…

Can someone give me a little help and point me in the right direction?

I’m making a new website, but this time in html. However, I’d quite like to do the menus in Flash. I’ve got to questions:

  1. How do I do it? I presume I need to pass variables from Flash to Dreamweaver… Even if you could just point me towards a tutorial, as I’ve been looking and can’t find anything!

  2. What are the implications for search engines if I use Flash menus? Part of the reason for doing the website in html rather than Flash is so that it is spidered better by Google et al, so if using Flash menus is going to mess it up then I’ll probably not bother!

Thanking you all kindly in advance,


Putting a flash menu inside Html isn’t hard all you do is in Dreamweaver go to insert and then flash and then choose your menu and there it inserts it like you would insert a image or anything else

No it wont screw up search engines but there is also ways in flash to make it so the search engine finds the flash and i know theres a tutorial on this site…

Thanks Damo, but I want to create my own menu rather than use the ones which ship with Dreamweaver.

I have some graphical requirements for the menu that I can achieve in Flash, but would need a custom menu that I want to design.

glad i can sort out the search engine links, will go look for the tutorial…


Ollie this is really simple stuff. I mean, have you done any flash tutorials at all?

Make your flash menu, apply getUrl actions to the buttons import the swf into DW and voila!

thats what i was saying… i didn’t mean use Dreamweavers crappy menu buttons… make your own menu in Flash then import it into dreamweaver like you would any object… easy

Hi CanadianGuy,

yeah, I know how to do stuff in Flash, I’ve done a few sites and i’m familiar with getURL etc.

I think I’m trying ot make this more difficult that it actually is… :smirk:

Cheers guys, will go give it a try!


aaaah, i see! so i just use getURL on a Flash button and specify the html frame to load it into?

sorry for wasting your time guys - i was looking for a complicated answer when it’s really simple! wow, aren’t the guys at Macromedia nice to make such a simple system! :slight_smile:

thanks for your patience!


aaaah, i see! so i just use getURL on a Flash button and specify the html frame to load it into?

Yep. _blank, _self whatever you want.