Dwaring Circle

Hi guys,
How can i draw circle to look like i drawed frame by frame…
i saw it one time but i can’t remember where… (-:

any ideas

you can do it several ways.

you can do a duplicateMovieClip with the equation of the circle you want.

or you can draw a circle and put something over it so its covered … then uncover it frame by frame or with a planned shape tween.

either will work and probably take about the same amount of time. to do … it just depends if you know how to code or if you know how to animate better

hi shuage…
i know what you said but i was looking for a trick or a new thing to do it… :slight_smile: anyWay i did it.



Dunno what method you chose to go with on this one Swimmer.

Anyways, I tried that once too, here’s the thread I posted it in if you wanna take a peek: