Dynamic AS Grid - works but ...>

Hi, Ive written some code to create a grid out of dynamically placed blocks from the library, which has a random colour assigned to each one on creation.

The Code is simple … But Takes my browser - ages to load up, as if the script is super inefficient… Is it the tween engine that is buggering it up?

#include "mc_tween2.as"
var colours:Array = new Array("006699","01354B","001E2B","0172A0","0289C1","02A6EC","1CBAFD","3EC4FD","78D7FE","ABE6FE");
var ALength:Number = colours.length;                              

blocks = 30; //no. of blocks in row
bwidth = 20; //block width
bheight = 20; //block height
row = 30; // no. of rows
        var Num:Number = Math.floor(Math.random()*ALength);