Dynamic creation of a homemade class

Hello everyone !


I have a xmlfile with some node. I need to create an object of my class for each node. I knoz how to parse xml and get value, no problem here, but I can’ create dynamic object with dynamic name…

here’s my class code:

public class Simple_Forum_MV extends MovieClip{
    **public function Simple_Forum_MV(MV_name:??,title_forum:String,description_forum:String)
        MV_name:MovieClip = new MovieClip();**
        MV_name.width = 500;
        MV_name.height = 50;
        var a_title:Label = new Label();
        var a_description:Label = new Label();
        a_title.text = title_forum;
        a_description.text = description_forum;


here is my main file code:

function onXmlLoaded(evt:Event)
    var lists:XML = new XML( evt.target.data );
    var forums:XMLList = lists.elements();
      var forum_name = 0;
      for each(var forum:XML in forums)
        **this["MVforum"+forum_name] = new Simple_Forum_MV(**??**,forum.TITLE,forum.DESCRIPTION);**
        this["MVforum"+forum_name].name = "MVforum" + forum_name;
        container.source = this["MVforum"+forum_name];


Can I get some help ?
Thanks !