Dynamic drawing


I am trying to draw this image dynamically (attached image) so for example if user gives me value of 24 the graph has to be able to draw circles like in the image and split circles into 24 sectors ( draw 24 angled radiuses from the origin) … How could this be done ?

The trick is once I accomplish this stage I need to be able to track intersections between each radius and 3 circles!!! Well the idea of the graph is that each radius is an answer to a question and can have a dot in the origin , intersection with first circle , second or third (each one represents answer 1 or 2 or 3 or 4… then it connects all dots on each radius depending on the 24 (in this example 24) answers. I’ve done this witha static graph where I knew there were gonna be 24 but now it needs to be first drawn dynamically because user chooses the number of question.

Can someone help me code this drawing of circles and radiuses and tracking the intersection coordinates?