Dynamic Hover Text issue

i’ve been struggling with learning flash, so pardon in advance for my lack of skills.

i’ve been deconstructing the ‘hover captions’ tutorial as a reference for those of you who have seen it.

i’ve actionscripted a movieclip circle which i treat as a button for rollover effects. i’ve authored on the stage a rectangle on the stage, then deleted and used the attachmovie() method to set it on a differing depth. i also created a movieclip ‘inside’ the rectangle which i attached scripts to control the visiblity of the rectangle, which appears when the mouse rollover of the movieclip button occurs. i’ve built a dynamic text field on that ‘rectholder’ movie clip and referenced some scripting on the main layer to control the text’s appearance.

everything works great except for getting the dynamic text to display. if i go back in and change the dynamic text field to static, the text displays fine… however, moving to dynamic text… no go. this is my final hurdle.

can anyone give this a shot and shed some light? much thanks in advance… i’m attaching my FLA file… i use flash mx 2004.