Hover Captions


This is my first post!

I was wondering if anyone here had attempted to modify the hover caption buttons detailed in the tutorial by Kirupa?
I think it is a really excellent effect, but I would like to build some delay into it so that the captions only appear after the user has hovered over the buttons for at least a few seconds…

Can anyone advise me? [ Maybe even the legendary Kirupa himself?!]

thanks a lot



make a few extra frames at the beginning of the hover movie clip maybe?

Yep, that should work, just put a few empty keyframes into the captions.

Yep, that is what i did, but I also had to put a gotoAndPlay action in as well to get it to work because I am using multiple buttons…

thanks for your time anyway


I now have another problem. I worked out how to use this code and then transfered it to my project, but whatever I do here, the text will not appear!! It’s driving me crazy!!!

PLease help!!!

post the source file…

you might need to transfer the movie clips, im not sure i really dont understand what you mean.

ok. I have made a tooltip movie that works beautifully and so I decided to copy that across into my own movie. The background rectangle appears just fine, but the text is not there… I played around with path names and the dynamic text field itself but I just cannot get it working. The ONLY time the text appears in my movie is if I embed the characters in the text field. Problem then is that the font looses its clarity and looks really blurry…
If you really think that the source files would be useful I will post them of course, but, in essence, I have just followed Kirpka’s tutorial to the letter. I don’t understand…



how exactly did you copy it? did you drag it from the library? i dont really understand what you mean so yea a fla would be nice.

or you could use setInterval. :wink:

I am going to have a go at explaining what I have done.
Essentially, I have used the code and structure exactly as set out in the original tutorial. The tip appears in that movie , crisp and clear. And all the techniques for altering its appearance and timing I am quite happy with.
The ONLY difference when I came to transfer it to my movie was that the code mow exists INSIDE a movie clip, although this just nesecitates some alteration of paths/targets… When I preview the movie, the hover caption box appears but the text is not visible. The only time it has become visible in my movie , is when I chose the ‘embedding of all characters’ for the text field. However, this has the effect of making the text blurry and un-clear.

I think this may actually have something to do with the fact that I have a mask in my movie? As far as I understand it, masks can prevent dynamic text from being visible. I am still looking into that…

check back with progress in a short while,


that’s right, if you have a mask, you must embed the font outline and there’s no way to get around this (at least, not that i know of). :-\

ok, i sorted it… basically, i had to have the tooltip on layer above the movie mask… seems to work fine now… BUT, i am using several loaded movies to reference the caption, but what happens now is that the caption appears, but BELOW the loaded movie… Can anyone offer advice on how I can get the caption to always be on the top level of the entire project?
Again, many thanks for help!



just change the depths…i guess a caption could be a duplicated movie clip, just give it a depth to suit your needs

well, actually , this isn’t a ‘duplicated’ movie clip…
any ideas how I could make it one?



yes. create the text clip, place it osmwhere outside the active canvas, give it an isntance name

when you mousover the thing, tell it to get the mouse x and mouse y, duplicateMovieClip, give it a new name and depth…

look in the as dictionary, its reallly easy

asctually scratch that…just use the swapDepth method

In the end, I made the bloody thing a loadmovie and just adapted all the path names to suit… Works fine now…

Thankyou everyone for help,


to be absoluteluy honest… i can’t remember…

no… in the end i didn’t use set interval… it’s just frames in a movie cip… nothing special