Dynamic iamge loading in a draggable window

hi 1st post hear coz i cannot see to work it out. New to flash and all and am buiding my 1st webby. so heres the question. i have made a draggable pop up window thing in my movie. i wnat to have an image inside the draggable window that i can load dynamically… if i am not wrong dynamically means i can just upload the pics under the same file name and they will get automatically updated rite? thanx in advance:q:

I found this here I think?

thanx buy already tried that and it does no work . it works fine if i paster it on a normal movie. but does not see to work when pasted inside a draggable window. i have attached to file i am working on. i am trying it out on a tutorail file 1st. thanx a million if u guys could help me out.

up up/ would really appreacite any help thanx

no need to reply anymore i figured it out thanx.