Dynamic image gallery / PHP help

Background: I’m building a dynamic image gallery for a friend to showcase her design work. She is a fashion designer, and therefor her work is broken up into seasons.

Using the code from this thread, I have gotten a combination of AS and PHP to dynamically load whatever images are in a directory into the swf. That’s step 1.

The catch is she needs to archive her stuff each new season, yet have it be accessible.

My PHP knowledge is essentially non-existent, so I turn to you, my invaluable Kirupa forum resource, to help me out.

What I was thinking of doing is simply having her create sub-directories for each archived season within the /archive directory; and from there, having a PHP file read each sub-directory name (or possibly a file within each directory) and then pass that on to AS where I can dynamically create buttons for each one (such as “Fall '06”, “Winter2005” or something along those lines).

ALSO: the code I’m using has one slight hitch I need to try and resolve: when you reach the end of the gallery, it gets a little jenky. Is there any way for the PHP file to tell flash what the file count is, or perhaps start the gallery over?

Thank you oh so very much in advance. :hugegrin: