Dynamic Images (Need Help)

How can I make images load dynamically thru button onto the main stage in the same frame of the main flash movie.\r\rCan I load a movie onto a specific part of the stage?

With loadMovie and loadMovieNum functions. I guess Jubby Boy should be writing a tutorial about that this very minute. If he solved his troubles with flash MX. And with his HD. His mouse also has troubles, not to mention his CD-ROM.\rpom 0]

What about his brain? And yours, pom? :)\r\rMake an empty clip and load the swf with the jpg into that. Or get Flash MX which lets you dynamically load sound and jpgs!

or learn XML and Flash… very cool stuff, even without the new MX features.

Do you know XML Upu ? If you do, could you write some tutorials ??\rpom 0]

I tried converting the images into swf files which load on button events on the stage of the main movie dynamically just like I wanted them to work.\r\rThe problem is that when I use the main movie swf in the flash player it works perfectly and shows the images just like I want them. On the other hand when I view it thru the html it does not show any pic (or swf movie i shd say).\r\rAny ideas???\r\rAlso can anyone tell me where to start with XML. I dunno anything about it.

I’m just going through the books POM… as soon as I have anything that’s really useful, as far as tricks go, I’ll let you know. So far it’s looking like there is a LOT of proprietary information involved… which might be difficult to write a tut on… I’ve definitely been thinking about it.