hi, some body help me please…

i have some images file in a directory (gif), can i load my picture in flash movie? how?

i need this can by dynamis like load text with php (not using inport file in flash)

thak you

you can load images with this script:

[SIZE=1]load in to levels (this case level 1):[/SIZE]

loadMovieNum("image.jpg", 1);

[SIZE=1]load in to a movieclip:[/SIZE]

loadMovie("image.jpg", "target");

but i think it only works with JPGs… not sure tho :-\

ok thank you for your help Guig0

i forget if i using flash 5

i will try your idea

hi Guig0

i have try, but it does not work in flash 5

are you have any idea please…

You can’t dynamically load images in Flash 5.

And only .jpg that ARE NOT saved in progressive format can be loaded in with Flash MX.

You can put your image in its own .swf file and use loadMovie() to load in the .swf file for Flash 5 though.

if you have said that you´re using F5, i would have spared you all that trouble…

but that´s ok. Follow the instructions from lostinbeta, he knows his stuff. :slight_smile:

Cheers :geek:


i have successed for load images in to swf with flash 5.

thank you all