Dynamic jpeg thumbnail

i want to create a dynamic photos thumbnails, where i can slide the gallery, all the samples i have found have the jpeg included into the movie but i want to load jpeg from directory to the thumbnail

i have found a prototype for gallery like MAMMA but it’s so complicated for what i want.
please if you have som script or example of a sliding dynamic jpeg thumbnail. please let me in
i will be so gratefull
thank you


Do you mean that when you click on a thumbnail, a new window opens containing the full size image?

You can do this in two ways. First, you can use JavaScript in the getURL() function attached to a thumbnail button, which will open up a new Explorer window. You can customise this to include menubar, toolbar etc.

Or you can follow the tutorial here on Kirupa for chromeless windows in Flash, which tell you how to make your own window.

*Originally posted by kamelus *
i want to load jpeg from directory to the thumbnail
Do you mean you want to read your directory to load dynamically whatever is inside it?

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i don’t want to use get url to open the full size image in a new window bu i want to open it inside the flash movie, i have found a prototype see this link
gallery prototype

i am trying to modify it to load Video instead the images if i succeed i will post the new protoype…

thanks guy

OMG!! That has to be the freakiest piece of Flash I’ve ever seen. Good luck, man.

And i didn’t know that Flashguru was moderator at actionscript.org… Cool :smirk:

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I was just about to post a question when I saw this one at the top. I think you are working on a similar thing as me. I’ve got a movieclip, which contains a series of thumbnails. I am putting the movieclip in a scrollpane, so they scroll across when the arrow is pushed. I’ve already experimented with “invisible buttons” over each thumbnail. this will still work once the movieclip is inside a scrollpane. I assigned a loadMovie to each invisible button over each thumbnail. It’s loading the corresponding .jpg into an empty movieclip that I put on the stage where I want the .jpg’s to be. So far it works, but i’ve not yet completed it all. I’m about to post a related question about the background of a scrollpane.