Dynamic Line Drawing from object locations

First post here, sorry if its been covered before;)

I’m creating a flash based dynamic electrical circuit board and have come across a problem. I have a function that is a fired from ENTER_FRAME event that loops though an array where each element contains the following:


To Clarify - A line should be drawn from ChildObject1 to ChildObject2 in the saved colour. The above is a string. I slice at each ‘#’, which is working. Each object gets added through my created toolbox so added dynamically.

I can get the DisplayOBject of the parents by using - var obj1:displayObject = getChildByName(sliced[1]);

But cannot do the same for the Child object by - var subobj1:displayObject = obj1.getChildByName(sliced[2]);

The reason for this is that each parent can be dragged so I would like the drawn line to move with the children.

Any ideas on how to find the child objects or thoughts on a better implementation would be great