Dynamic Mp3 - load, play, stop, next

I’m trying to do some pretty basic stuff, but I can’t seem to find any tutorials or much on it.

What i’m trying to do is dynamically load an mp3, have it automatically play in background (streaming) – (and fading in if possible) – have a stop button to stop the music, have a play button to start the music again, and to have a next button that will cylce through about 3 short 30 second mp3s.

does anyone how to do all this, or where i can find out how to do it? Any help would be great, THANKS!! :beam:


That code looks great! I saw the sample and it works great but there is any chances to make a fade in at the begining and when the user turn off the music a fade out ?

With that it should be a tutorial


? hello

hey, er I have no idea, scotty was the genious behind the making of the great thing, and there are also some things that need to be added to the code, like “if playing” or something, and maybe some loading stuff (I’m not very good at coding :upset: )

but other than that, yeah its awesome and needs to be a tutorial explaining how to make a dynamic background music player. :smiley: