Dynamic mp3 query

i have are 40 little movies thar use one specific mp3 file. its my gallery thingie liek when u click on a button one external little movie loads and same for other buttons. the thing is with the sound the movie is 80 kb . without its 10. i would liek to know if its possible to use the dynamic mp3 loading script to load the sound up?

my idea of how this works ( i am a noob, using flash mx for past 2 mths)

so liek when they click the 1st button the 1t movie lauches and activates the load mp3 cmmand. then as the sound is already loaded the subsequent movies just play the already loaded mp3/ this is just an assumption, i dunno if the code werks this way, all help will be appreaciated. thnk u

you can load an external sound like so:

import the file, and go to your library. find the file right click and go- linkage. name the file bgSound and make sure export to first frame and export for actionscript is checked.

create an empty frame on frame 1 in your timeline. actions are as follows:

mySound = newSound ();

now if you would like to give the user the otions to turn the volume on and off or if you want the sound to start on a button event you can simply create a button and give it this action:


think that should help ya