Load external mp3

I’m trying hard but with no success to load external mp3 into this cleoplayer.fla.

The cleoplayer is placed on my homepage. Our mp3’s are to havy to be in the .swf.

How can I do that with my .fla? I can send my .fla trough your email if you liked.

Thank you in advance to help me.


You can’t post a .swf file as an attachment. It doesn’t show. I learned that one the hard way too.

This is coming straight from a tutorial from Kirupa.

<B><U>Load .mp3 dynamically with Flash MX:</U></B>
It’s the same method. The commands change a bit, but the idea is similar : you create an instance of a sound object, in which you load the sound. This instance is what we will use to change the properties of the sound (volume for instance).

Here again, you can load dynamically sounds under a certain format, which happens to be MP3.

mySound = new Sound();

<B>mySound = new Sound();</B>
You create a new Sound object.

You load music.mp3 into mySound. The second parameter is call isStreaming. If it’s set to true, the sound will play while loading, whereas it will wait until it’s fully loaded before playing if isStreaming is set to false.

I hope this helps.

Here is a link to the tutorial… It is for MX, which I believe is the only version thus far that supports dynamically loaded mp3 and images.


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Grüezi la Suisse,

It would be better if you could zip the fla and attach that, just to check how the playing/loading etc is handled in there, i know i have this cleoplayer thing somewhere, but i have about 2 cd’s full with fla (that’s a LOT!) and don’t want to look throught them.

If we can see the fla, we (or I or someone …) can rewritte the code for Flash MX (if you use that), coz F 5 couldn’t dynamically load mp3’s.

yeah its not that hard to do… just do the tut on this site…or the one on flash kit… :slight_smile:

that stupid tutorial doesnt work. Im using Flash MX and have tried that thing, and i get a download prompt. Im not an expert at actionscripting, but i dont think thats dynamically loading

does anyone know that answer??