Dynamic Photo Gallery w/ php -Photos not loading in Vinterstille and Scotty's Gallery

Hi all,
I’ve been mooching quietly behind the scenes here for about a month now, the past week I have done nothing else at work but read tutorials/forums, practice, screw up and then dance in circles when I finally get it right…(I’m a network administrator - we do nothing but that anyway, so no one noticed). - The point is I love this place - it’s a veritable breeding ground for inovation and a darn good laugh.

Please don’t let it be that this can’t be done in mx - only mx2004 - I’m not sure work will shell out for an upgrade for this reason, although I could create a nice GUI to upgrade the routers with I guess . . . evil grin
Cher for any assistance in advance,

Well Holy bejeesus - I just doubled my posts!!