Dynamic site, MC's, swap? - rookie question


I’m building an online portfolio for a photographer and trying to mimic the behavior of the photos in the following site:


I’ve got the startdrag MCs, _alpha no problem. I’m curious how they generate the frames with the name and do the level swap.

The long way would be to build a picture frame MC for each with a “stop” on the first frame use a button to call the second frame w/the picture called from a separate directory?? eg., button on the menu:
on (release) {
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp loadMovie(“image01.jpg”, “_root.pic2.pic”);
where “pic” is the MC target under the frame in the “pic2” instance of the frame

Each instance has to be named ahead? There has to be a better way I’m not seeing.

And swapping the level of the active picture…?? Any suggestions. I’ve checked Flashkit & Kirupa.



Hmm… Nice site.
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>> I’m curious how they generate the frames with the name and do the level swap.
?? You mean when you click, the window opens with its name and stuff ?? It has to be with the buttons. Each button does something like that :

 on (press) {
  pic_name = "foto2" ;
  movie_to_load = "foto2.swf" ;
  window_size_x = 200 ;
  window_size_y = 300 ;
  _root.attachMovie ("window",i++) ;

and then INSIDE the clip ‘window’, after a few frames where the window takes shape, there has to be something like loadMovie (_root.movie_to_load,“container”,2) ;

At least that how I would try and do it. But the incoming of the picture in little piece, that’s tricky :smiley:

Thanks for replying. I tried working with your suggestions, and I hit a snag. I must be missing somethings.

1st- Do I make “window” an empty MC in the first frame?

2nd- Will it allow me to open as many windows as the user wants? One of the nice features of Federica’s site (aside from the images themselves) is that users can lay out as many the images as they like.

and 3rd- Do the images have to be placed in the fotoX.swf? The example site loads the jpgs instead of swfs. I ask because that’s an extra couple of steps, and I have about 500 images.

Thanks for your help!